How to Have the Great Wall of China All to Yourself

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BR4M3R Hiker on Great Wall, Jinshanling, Hebei, China. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Bypass the selfie stick swarms for a luxury ride to the less touristed sections of the Great Wall, courtesy of the Opposite House Beijing.

Imagine hiking the Great Wall, from tower to tower, in quiet solitude—no throngs of tourists competing for your view, or stopping mid-stride to take a selfie. The moment goes from obligatory—”a China must-do”—to a lifelong memory.

It’s more than a fantasy: We recently took a guided and chauffeured tour organized by the Opposite House, an ultramodern hotel in Beijing’s energetic Sanlitun district. With the help of a registered guide, fluent in both English and Mandarin, and a chauffeured Audi A6, we were able to bypass the popular, overrun Badaling section of the Wall to explore less-touristed stretches—Mutianyu, Huanghuacheng, Simatai, or Jinshanling—free from bus groups and souvenir hawkers.

We traveled in air-conditioned comfort, nodding off during the hour-and-a-half ride to the outskirts of Beijing, completely free from the headache of public transportation and a rigid schedule. Due to crowds, a visit to the Great Wall can be as nerve-wracking as it is awe-inspiring; but our ability to dictate everything according to our individual interests (photography), time frame (a few hours before a business meeting), and energy level (relaxed) removed all potential frustrations. It let us just be there in the moment, experiencing one of the world’s great wonders.

Beyond sharing the history of the Great Wall, our guide helped set up photos, remained patient whenever we got into Snapchatting, and even rode the Mutianyu section’s famous toboggan track exit from the Wall with us. On the way back into Beijing, bellies grumbling, we requested a stop at the city’s infamous Wangfujing Snack Street, where our guide negotiated with local food vendors to make our dream—a lunch of scorpions-on-a-stick—a reality.

Flights to South America On the Rise


The number of passengers between the U.S. and Brazil has nearly doubled in the last five years.

Air travel to South America is booming with American, Azul, JetBlue, and LATAM launching new routes and nonstop services from U.S. gateways to points in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

In fact, the number of passengers between the U.S. and Brazil has nearly doubled in the last five years, according to the Department of Transportation, with 5.45 million total passengers in 2014, up from 2.89 million in 2009. Colombia’s business is up 50 percent, to 3 million last year, and Chile and Peru both showed strong growth. Venezuela is the only country showing a decline—not surprising given the country’s souring relations with the U.S.

The latest player in the field is Azul, the low-fare Brazilian line started by JetBlue founder David Neeleman, who just announced his airline will be adding nonstop flights between Orlando and Belo Horizonte in November. Azul, which is mainly a domestic carrier, already has nonstop flights to São Paulo from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, and it plans to start flying to New York City nonstop from São Paulo early next year. All of its long-haul flights are on Airbus A330 jets with business, economy plus, and economy class services.

The five-year-old Azul has grown to be the third-largest carrier in Brazil after GOL and TAM. To encourage more U.S. travelers to try the upstart line, Neeleman told Condé Nast Travelerhe plans to launch a “See Brazil” air pass, giving visitors a chance to fly around the country on Azul flights for one fixed price. While he’s hoping to debut the deal soon—well in advance of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio—he couldn’t give an exact price for the pass, but estimated that it would probably be around $300 for unlimited travel over a ten-day or two-week period.

Other new flights that are bringing South America that much closer:

  • American, already a dominant player in the market, will launch daily service in November between Dallas Fort Worth and Quito.
  • JetBlue is also launching daily flights to Quito from Fort Lauderdale in the first quarter of 2016. That’s on top of other new flights to the region, including nonstops from Florida to Lima.
  • Brazil’s TAM recently started daily service from Orlando to Brasilia. As of June 20, LAN Peru is flying daily from Orlando to Lima, in addition to the daily flights it already offers from New York.

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Commune Hotels & Resorts To Open Tommie Hudson Square

First property from the micro lifestyle brand to debut in New York City

This fall, Commune Hotels & Resorts will debut tommie Hudson Square, the premiere property of its new brand, tommie, located at 231 Hudson Street in Manhattan.  Built for the youthful and open-minded traveler who seeks to make the most of every moment, tommie was created to be a living forum for the curious and creative.

“tommie is designed for guests to choose what they deem essential in a hotel stay.  We believe that today’s travelers want beautifully and thoughtfully edited offerings.  Guests are enabled and encouraged to author their own experiences and are given the freedom to select what amenities speak to them,” said Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts.  “tommie is also a platform for meaningful interaction, providing the necessary ingredients for connection and collaboration among guests.”

Designed by architect Gene Kaufman, and design and concept firm AvroKO, tommie Hudson Square is a 325-room urban hotel located in Manhattan’s former printing district. Today the neighborhood is a hub of emerging creative and cultural entities in publishing, television, film, radio, art, and design.

Guests are encouraged to shape their stays and personalize their in-room experiences by choosing items, available complimentary or for purchase, from the hotel’s General Store.  Items – many of which will be local finds – will include “Needs of Stay” (toiletries, wellness items, etc.) “Discover & Play” (crafts, games, books, etc.), “Gear” (wearables and clothing), “Provisions To Go” (food & beverage items), and complimentary pieces such as bud vases and throw blankets.   Whether hosting a spontaneous meeting in the library, practicing yoga on the roof, or enjoying a craft beer or cocktail in the lobby lounge, hotel guests and locals can also adapt tommie’s many flexible public spaces to meet their needs.

Carefully considered guest rooms, many with views of the Hudson River, include multi-functional furnishings such as a convertible ‘flip down’ desk, a flexible open closet, or an alcove bed perched against an expansive window.  Rooms include high-touch materials such as solid walnut table tops and hand-made porcelain tiles that intermingle with soft colors and natural light throughout. Every square foot of each guest room is designed with purpose and intention, eliminating excess.

tommie Hudson Square has also partnered with acclaimed Chef Harold Moore of New York’s Commerce restaurant to bring the city its first ‘meat + three’ restaurant.  Popular throughout the southeast states, the ‘meat + three’ concept offers diners the choice of one main meat and three sides among a large variety of options.  Moore will put his own spin on the model with updated classics influenced by seasonal ingredients.

“Hudson Square is a neighborhood that is quickly expanding and evolving by the dynamic force and imagination of its creative industries,” said Javier Egipciaco, General Manager of tommie Hudson Square.  “We look forward to being a part of that growth, getting to know our neighbors and becoming a place they can call home.”

Collaboration is encouraged through on-property programming and partnerships with local, emerging talents and companies.  Guests can participate in content generation, co-creating the tommie experience through social media engagement and on-site activations.

Following the debut of tommie Hudson Square, the brand will introduce its second property in 2016 with a 250-room location on West 31st Street in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood, with future developments in domestic and international markets.  For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


About Commune Hotels & Resorts

Formed in October 2011, Commune Hotels & Resorts is an international, multi-brand lifestyle hotel management company which manages and operates Thompson Hotels, a luxury lifestyle brand; Joie de Vivre Hotels, a collection of independently branded boutique hotels; and tommie, a new micro lifestyle hotel brand. The San Francisco-based company manages more than 40 hotels and resorts across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and is expanding its portfolio while establishing a presence in Mexico. For more information, please visit

5 Carry-On Packing Tips for Long Flights


Instead of stuffing my carry-on with individual items until it becomes a bottomless pit, I always break up my airplane must-haves into smaller packs. I put all of my cords, chargers, and batteries in one small nylon bag, toiletries in another, and snacks into a disposable container I can toss when the trash bag heads down the aisle.


Extended hours and close quarters in an airplane cabin can wreak havoc on your immune system. I always pack a few essentials to keep germs at bay and reduce my risk of getting sick. I do my best to prevent illness and feel good post-flight by packing hand sanitizer, Emergen-C tablets, saline packets with an empty nasal rinse bottle, and a few healthy snacks (so I don’t eat expensive plane junk food).


Waking up after a long nap often means a messy face, smelly mouth, and general feeling of icky-ness, and the recycled air on a plane will dry anyone out. To feel clean and ready to arrive at my destination, I always pack facial moisturizer, lip balm, hand cream, face freshener spray (or Evian spritzer), a small pack of facial cleansing wipes, and a toothbrush and travel-size tube of toothpaste.


The best way to pass the time on a long distance flight is sweet, sweet sleep. To make sure I get some shuteye, I plan ahead and pack a large cotton scarf (that I can use as a blanket, roll up into a neck pillow, or drape over my snoring face), noise-canceling headphones and/or a white noise playlist (jungle sounds if I’m heading to South America, rain on a roof for Eastern Europe), a pair of cozy socks (no one can sleep with cold feet), and an eye mask.


When your destination takes you over six time zones or more, you are going to need to while away the hours by doing more than just sleeping. While in-flight entertainment options on international flights usually offer up a chance to catch up on your movie-watching, I always bring along more options, including: e-books (on a tablet with good battery life), downloads of the latest season of whatever show I am binge-watching, a crafty project to keep my hands busy (knitting, embroidery, or sketching), a large extra battery to keep everything charged, and, if there’s a task I’ve been avoiding (like writing thank-you notes), I pack the necessary items and use this time to catch up.

12 Best Smart Gadgets for Travelers


Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to log off from your life.

  1. Take a vacation from smoking: Trying to kick the habit? Don’t leave home without Smokio, the vape pen that calculates how much money you’re saving compared with what you’d spend on cigarettes—cash that will come in handy on your next trip. (, $80)
  2. Share your snaps anywhere: Zip is a mobile printer that syncs with your phone or tablet and spits out peel-and-stick Polaroids, so you can lift your selfie game to new levels. (, $130)
  3. A gym shirt that collects more than sweat: Flying to see clients needn’t be an excuse to slack off at the gym. Wear Athos as or underneath your exercise gear; snap in the Core device, and it’ll collect data (heart and breathing rates, etc.), letting you chart your progress on its app. (, $99 plus $199 for the Core)
  4. A game way to work out in your hotel: If you’re stiff after a flight, attach the Valedo’s sensors to your chest and lower back—they’ll direct an avatar on your iPad, Wii-style, as it wends its way through obstacle courses. You’ll stretch sore muscles without it feeling like exercise. (, $359)
  5. Protect your posture: Miss your standing desk? Pin Lumo Lift to your chest, and it’ll vibrate when you start slipping down your seat at the next all-day off-site. (, $80)
  6. Breathe easy on the road: Are you a three-for-the-road kind of guy? Breeze, a Bluetooth breathalyzer, lets you know when you’ll sober up—and in the meantime, it’ll help you find food nearby. (, $100)
  7. Keep a visual travel journal: Fasten the Narrative Clip 2 wherever, and it snaps pics automatically (for two days!) at a pace you preset. (, $199)
  8. Yes, you can take your audiophile ways with you: Developed by Neil Young, Pono promises the highest-fidelity digital sound from one harvest moon to the next. (, $399)
  9. Sleep soundly wherever you go: Noise-canceling headphones do only so much. SleepPhones slip over your eyes to block light and let you nod off to tunes on your side, which even earbuds don’t. (, $40)
  10. Bring your own pedal: Connected Cycle, a clip-in replacement pedal (still in development), is for those who want to log routes, speeds, and calories burned—not just spin their wheels in a hotel gym. (
  11. A homing beacon for your bags: Drop Trakdot into your checked luggage, and if the airline mistakenly sends it to Boston, not Austin, at least you’ll know where it is. (, $50)
  12. The little laptop charger that could: Traveling light? Dart is a quarter of the size of a typical power bar, guaranteeing that you’ll save space in your carry-on. (, $89)

Plus: A Suitcase That Weights Itself: Bluesmart holds your stuff like other suitcases do—and can tell if you’re going to have to pay extra at bag check (it has an internal scale). It also locks from your phone, tells you where it is, and comes with a built-in battery to charge devices en route. Now if only it could fold a shirt. (, $339)


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Jason of Beverly Hills Miami Grand Opening was a huge success!

The Miami Design District welcomed a new major player to it’s ultra luxury neighborhood last night and WGY was there to share this amazing evening with everyone involved. The new Miami boutique is absolutely stunning and the location surrounds some of the top luxury brands in the world.

Founder of Jason of Beverly Hills, Jason Arasheben, and Lisa Arasheben; Chief Operating Officer of Jason of Beverly Hills, Brandt Branand; Washington Wizards player Drew Gooden; NBA player Mickael Pietrus; Berthil Espegren, Ausbert de Arce, Benny Bloch, Brenda Nestor Castellano and Bobby Castellano, Carly Patterson, Christina Getty, Elysze Held, Fabian Basabe, Fabiana Bosca, Farah Abassi and Benny Aboud, Hello Campos, Hilda Morello, Nick Betancourt, Petra Mason, Richard Jay-Alexander, Stephanie Gold, Vivienne and Cristian del Rio.

Jason Arasheben hosted an “Eyes Wide Shut”-themed soiree to celebrate the opening of his new Jason of Beverly Hills store in the Design District’s Palm Court. Guests, surrounded by over-the-top jewelry and timepieces, enjoyed signature cocktails by Moscai and canapes served by runway servers wearing lace masks as well as “forbidden” fruits from a living wall of edibles. Guests also mixed and mingled to the sultry house beats by DJ Tavin Reiter.

Jason of Beverly Hills is the jeweler of choice for modern style icons including Iggy AzaleaJennifer LopezJohn LegendMadonna and Rihanna.


About Jason of Beverly Hills

Founded in 2002, Jason of Beverly Hills immediately sent shock waves throughout the luxury market with outrageous, over the top diamond pieces. The company, owned and operated by designer Jason Arasheben, has brought a new sheen to the industry catering specifically to trendsetters in movies, music, sports and fashion.

What started as a dream has now evolved into a multimillion-dollar operation. Unafraid to take risks and push the limits of conventionalism, Jason of Beverly Hills has rapidly gained a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind diamond pieces for clients such as Princess Latifa Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey and the late Michael Jackson. The brand has made dozens of headlines in publications spanning from People and US Weekly Magazine to USA Today and has been recognized as the go-to jeweler to the stars by, Yahoo and numerous online media outlets. Currently Jason of Beverly Hills has four other boutique locations: inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, within The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, in the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, NC


The Best Power Lunch Restaurants in the United States

The Power Lunch can be defined by enjoying a fine dining experience while negotiating sales deals and agreements with your business partners. For such occasions, the restaurant’s reputation is almost as important as its ability to serve an extraordinary meal. Looking to impress a prospect? Celebrate a recent merger? Figure out partnership details away from the office?

The following list of the top power lunch restaurants is for you.



Soho House - West Hollywood






“One day I walked in and my agent, my two managers and my attorney were all there but at different tables. It cracked me up. It takes 15 minutes to cross the room because everyone is there. It’s fun,” observes The Vow director Michael Sucsy about Soho House, the world famous private club in Hollywood. Big-name talent such as Charlize Theron and or Reese Witherspoon can be found at the tables tucked away in the northeast corner of the upper-level garden, delighting with the buffet of salads and protein that are both quick and healthy.

Soho House | 9200 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA |



Grill Room - New York

From JFK’s 45th birthday to Manhattan’s last Grammy awards celebration, The Grill Room at the Four Seasons hosted an infinity of major events and is known as one of the greatest rooms in New York City. Power players cut into their $50 crab cakes and $35 bison burgers, seated in a row under the larger than life chandelier.

The Grill Room at The Four Seasons (In the Seagram Building) | 99 East 52nd Street |



Rotunda - San Francisco

On top of being the place where special dresses can be ordered for an upcoming gala, Neiman Marcus also hosts the Rotunda where lobsters can be relished for future multimillion contracts. The restaurant is favored by the Nob Hill / Sea Cliff matriarchs of the charity social circuit of San Francisco.

Rotunda | 50 Stockton Street, at Neiman Marcus |



Cafe Pacific - Dallas

Familiarity – that’s the draw at Café Pacific, with an average length of service of 15 years for its employees. Embodying sophistication while staying unpretentious, the Dallas’ institution has been serving quality seafood & steaks for over 34 years to names like George W. Bush or Mark Cuban. For intimate political arrangements or sales strategies, the round table in the back is the spot to aim for.

Café Pacific | 24 Highland Park Village |



Tableau - Las Vegas

Tableau is tucked away at Wynn Las Vegas, more precisely at the Tower Suites Café. Not so well-know thus ideal to conduct business lunches, the modern French-influenced American cuisine destination feels like a private room from where you and your business counterparts can overlook the pools while changing the world.

Tableau | Tower Suites Café |




Sweeping views of the city; models and Hollywood type crowd; unique vertical garden. The upbeat tone at Juvia is set up as soon as you get out of the elevator at the penthouse floor of the modern Lincoln Road building. On top of the hip Miami scene, the food by chef Sunny Oh – Nobu alum- is what will draw the most attention. Japanese tastes blended with French techniques and Peruvian accents will leave you with unforgettable ceviches, steaks and seafood.

Juvia | 1111 Lincoln Road |




“I’ve laid aside business and gone a’fishing”. With such a motto, The Optimist -Ford’s Fry’s seafood restaurant- sounds like everything but a power lunch spot, and this is exactly what appeals entrepreneurs and business savvy people of the area. Cooked over a wood fire, blackened fish and beignet-style hushpuppies create a welcoming atmosphere that facilitates business conversations.

The Optimist | 914 Howell Mill Road |


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Paris & Nicky Hilton Had the Ultimate Bachelorette Weekend & Party at Wall Miami Presented by Belvedere Vodka

Wall Miami and Belvedere Vodka hosted the ultimate bachelorette party this past weekend for Nicky Hilton with sounds provided by her sister Paris Hilton.

The two checked in for the weekend at 1 Hotel South beach. They spent the day relaxing and traveling by boat on a custom 55′ Van Dutch yacht to enjoy a seafood lunch at Seaspice on the Miami River before arriving at Wall at Midnight.

Looking as “Hot” as ever Paris wore a pink lace number accessorized with pink florets cat ears  and the belle of the hour Nicky, who will be getting married at the royal Kensington Palace in London rocked a gorgeous Grecian style one shoulder dress and tiara.

Paris took to the DJ booth at 1AM playing the top EDM hits of the moment and to everyone’s surprise announced the first listen of her brand new single “High Off My Love” to the delight of all club goers.

Having so much fun, Paris took to the mic introducing and inviting Nicky and all the bridesmaids into the DJ booth as they all drank Belvedere Vodka cocktails and champagne.



Villa Bagatelle, The Highly Anticipated Hotel from the Acclaimed Bistrot Bagatelle in the heart of South Beach

WGY has been highly anticipating the opening of Villa Bagatelle for a while – and last night we experienced the restaurant and completed a site tour of the property and all we have to say is A+++ on food, ambience, and service. The staff is extremely friendly and the hotel is gorgeous. If you are not familiar with the infamous Bistrot Bagatelle, then definitely check this out. This is on a whole new level.

The creators of the famed Bistrot Bagatelle are introducing its highly anticipated and totally refurbished hotel, Villa Bagatelle, which emulates the sophistication, style and signature joie de vivre of the brand’s fashionable bistros found across the globe.  This elegant retreat created by hospitality entrepreneurs Remi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, take French Mediterranean style to new heights with its multi-faceted amenities, exceptional level of service and customized experience for every bon viviants.

Villa Bagatelle is the ideal spot for the distinguished and sophisticated traveler. Located on the corner of Collins Ave and 21st street, the hotel is accessible to all of South Beach’s renowned attractions. It is less than a block away from the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach Convention center, the Bass Museum of Art and only 20 minutes from the Miami International Airport. The all-suite hotel was designed by Callin Fortis of Big Time Design Studios and boasts 31 luxurious guestrooms with breathtaking views that range from 800 to 2,200 square feet. From the Standard to the Deluxe and Luxury suites, all guests will experience an exceptional level of service and a personal residential escape. The hotel’s state-of-the-art amenities and first-class accommodations truly make their guests’ stay feel comfortable, relaxing and luxurious.

“The Bagatelle brand has garnered so much respect and support, which is why we are excited to debut our very first hotel in the heart of the Magic city,” said hospitality entrepreneur Remi Laba. “Villa Bagatelle is our first hotel property but will still mirror the sophistication and style of our brand’s bistros by providing guests with the best level of service and amenities.”

Villa Bagatelle features a number of special in-room amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen with an oven/microwave and refrigerator, an Illy espresso machine, private bar, Frette linens, a Geneva wireless sound system, marble bathrooms with Bigelow toiletries and a breakfast butler, to name a few.

When guests find time to escape their home away home, they can choose to utilize the variety of luxurious services Villa Bagatelle offers. Guests can relax in the Bagatelle Garden located in the outdoor courtyard, get sun-kissed on the beautiful rooftop pool oasis with a pool, hot tub, sun deck and cabana beds; hit the private fitness center, get pampered at the hotel’s premier blow dry lounge Dry de Luxe, visit the hotel’s destination restaurant Bistrot Bagatelle and luxury shop Curve, or have a chair and umbrella reserved on the beach at Collins and 18th Street.

About Villa Bagatelle
From the creators of the acclaimed Bistrot Bagatelle, the brand’s first ever all-suite hotel, Villa Bagatelle, emulates the sophistication, style and signature joie de vivre of the brand’s fashionable bistros found across the globe. Villa Bagatelle is the perfect home away from home with its 31 fully-equipped luxury suites, prime South Beach location, rooftop pool oasis, luxury shop Curve, signature restaurant Bagatelle, premier blow dry lounge, to name a few. Located on the corner of Collins Ave and 21st, the hotel is accessible to all of South Beach’s renowned attractions including: the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach Convention Center, the Bass Museum of Art and only 20 minutes from the Miami airport. It is truly the ultimate spot for all distinguished and sophisticated travelers. For more information, please visit

About Trust Hospitality

Trust Hospitality is an award-winning premier hotel owner and operator. With more than 25 years of experience, Trust has more than 30 projects in operation or development worldwide. Headquartered in Miami, Florida it also has offices in New York, Panama, Salvador and Lisbon. For more information, please visit,

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The World’s 10 Best Restaurants.

To make your senses travel around the world, WGY compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants you will find on Planet Earth. Enjoy!

1. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

Mugaritz - andoni-luis-aduriz-photo-alex-iturralde

The Roca brothers sharpened their skills growing up working at their parent’s restaurant. Today, As a free-style cuisine destination, El Celler de Can Roca blends countryside influences and science for an exclusive and avant-gardist culinary experience.

Calle Can Sunyer, 48, 17007 Girona, Spain |



  1. Osteria Francescana, Italy

Osteria Francescana

Having collected 3 Michelin Stars since its opening in 1995, Osteria Francescana’s chef Massimo Bottura combines his techniques with local Italian ingredients and his deepest reflections on culture, art, music and philosophy.

Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena, Italy |



  1. Noma, Denmark


Noma works with an intimate network of purveyors to develop a cuisine that expresses its region’s culture and seasons under the supervision of Chef René Redzepi. The small, 11-table restaurant serves a tasting menu consisting of 20 servings designed to give guests a clear and delicious sense of time and place.

Strandgade 93, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark |



  1. Central, Peru


Chef Virgilio Martinez combines fresh produce and an inexhaustible curiosity to discover and integrate new ingredients into the Central’s menu and brings Peruvian cuisine to the forefront in the heart of the traditional district of Miraflores in Lima.

Santa Isabel 376 Miraflores Lima, Peru |



  1. Eleven Madison Park, USA

Detail of the dining room of Eleven Madison Park in New York, NY.

The extraordinary agricultural bounty of New York shapes Eleven Madison Park’s multi-course tasting menu and celebrates centuries of culinary traditions. Guest can share their ingredient preferences and delight with a tailored experience for the senses.

11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010 |



  1. Mugaritz, Spain


Located in the countryside, surrounded by fields, forests an impressive oaks, Mugaritz transforms the best of what orchards, seas and forests provide. The result is made of histories, aromas, textures, flavours, games, memories, desires and numerous other pleasurable stimuli.

Aldura Aldea, 20, 20100 Errenteria, Guipúzcoa, Spain |



  1. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, UK


Contemporary and innovative, yet mindful of tradition, Dinner’s dining room floor to ceiling windows allow the guests to overlook the kitchen from where a unique menu of historically inspired British dishes is crafted with passion.

66 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LA |



  1. Narisawa, Japan


With a tasting menu of about 10 courses providing stories, messages and expressing the flow of the changing seasons, Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa meticulously selects each ingredient and plays with smells and textures to create the core of every dish he prepares.

Japan, 〒107-0062 Tokyo, Minato, 南青山2−6−15 |



  1. D.O.M., Brazil


D.O.M. proposes a new gastronomic experience, rescuing the most authentic flavors of Brazilian cuisine with a contemporary twist, using ingredients like açaí, jambu or tucupi. Just like the cuisine, the atmosphere blends classic and modern with familiar and wild.

R. Barão de Capanema, 549 – Jardins, São Paulo – SP, 01411-011, Brazil |



  1. Gaggan, Thailand


Inspired from amazing Indian street food memories and diversity of India’s different regional cuisines, Chef Gaggan Anand uses science and modern technology to create modernist and progressive re-interpretations of traditional recipes.

68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330, Thailand |

For more information on any of the restaurants or for table bookings please reach out to your WGY Life-Stylist at